“Are you going my way, Starbrow?”

Are you going my way, Starbrow?
Smith of Wootton Major, by J.R.R. Tolkien

September 24th marked the second anniversary of Remembered Lore.  I celebrated quietly, with a cup of tea and a silent toast.  It is an honour to be writing here.

You may have noticed the subtle shift in content from literature in general to more studied postings on mythology and Anglo-Saxon literature.  This is, I think, natural, as it reveals the focus of my current studies and reading.  The content herein shall likely proceed like this for some time, yet still reflect the whims of whatever I am working on at present.  Of course, I am still slowly faring through the Arthurian lore and will share my discoveries and musings with you.  It shall be a long, slow project.

During the first year of Remembered Lore, I posted once every week.  During the second year I posted every other week.  In this third year I intend to continue that as best I can, yet allow for some irregularity as required.  For I would like to publish some of my work elsewhere and in my current life schedule I cannot write well both for Remembered Lore and for other platforms.  So there may be at times a larger gap between posts.  However, I shall ensure that you do not have to bear any kind of lengthy absence!

I still regard my writings here as a sort of journey through the lost lands of myth and word.  Your coming here is like our crossing paths.  Indeed, I often think of a closing scene from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Smith of Wootton Major:

That meeting-place was now far behind him, and here he was, walking among the fallen leaves, pondering all that he had seen and learned.  The footsteps came nearer.  Then suddenly a voice said at his side: “Are you going my way, Starbrow?”1

Are you going my way?  Then let us walk together a while and share our experiences and discoveries.


1J.R.R. Tolkien, Smith of Wootton Major

2 thoughts on ““Are you going my way, Starbrow?”

  1. “It is an honour to be writing here.” — It is an honor to walk with you! Through you, I learn new things and think new thoughts. Congratulations, and thank you for continuing to share!


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