About the Author

Nicole K. is a young Christian woman living in Western Canada. She fuels an enduring passion for Story and Language by extensive travels in Europe and intentional conversations.  She prefers the old to the new, Tennyson to Shelley, and ‘The Raven’ to ‘Lochinvar’.  In home life she is also a classical vocal soloist, an amateur fashion historian, and fancies herself a moderately skilled English and Scottish country dancer.

Nicole believes there is some good and beauty in this world, that it is worth searching for, and that it can be found by those who know where to look.

About this Blog

This blog is the fruit of a Renaissance Spirit: the desire for lifelong learning and a climb to Light and Truth.  The intent of the author is to facilitate wonder—wonder for the old tales and old words which teach us better ways to live.

Stories are told for a purpose and through them mankind learns its faults and virtues.  Language is the companion of Story:  indeed—what would Story be if there was no tongue to tell it in?  There is a strange and alluring mystery in the uniting of symbols to represent expressions of human thought.  In studying various languages, the author has found her appreciation for her own language deepened and strives to share the joy of this appreciation with her readers.

If you desire further knowledge concerning the goal of Remembered Lore, visit this post.

All photos credit to Scott Koehn