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About the Author

Nicole is a working-class scholar with Tolkienian tendencies. After spending three years studying Latin, she went on to read Anglo-Saxon literature for a semester with the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education. Her primary interest lies in the roots of stories and words, and in connecting them to contemporary literature and language. She is currently on a self-guided journey through the legends of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, collectively known as the “Matter of Britain.”

Generally speaking, she prefers old things to new things—a characteristic painfully evident from the contents of her bookshelves. Otherwise, she fuels her passion for history by extensive travels in Europe, is an (very) amateur poet and artist, and considers herself a moderately skilled English and Scottish country dancer.

About this Blog

Remembered Lore is an attempt to examine, in general and in detail, the threads that make up the tapestry of Story. It is by no means exhaustive, and focuses primarily (but not exclusively) on threads pertaining to Norse, Anglo-Saxon, and Celtic mythology, with some deviations into “contemporary literature” (circa 1800-) and poetry, and frequent scampers down etymological rabbit trails.

The aim of the content herein is to be approachable and instructive to the interested layman, while remaining professional and researched. This, along with a dash of wit and not a little good sense, should result in material both enlightening and enjoyable to peruse.

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