Code of Conduct

The Wordstapas Code of Conduct exists to ensure that all members can interact freely and comfortably, knowing the behavioral standards expected of each.  Members who fail to comply with the points below will be required to resign.

  • Remain respectful and courteous toward fellow members at all times in speech, actions, and writing while interacting on all platforms (email, forum, meetings).
  • Exhibit appropriate language and behavior.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before the meeting begins.  This allows time to get settled and start on schedule.
  • Let Nicole know ahead of time if you will be late or unable to attend a meeting.  Meetings can be recorded for the benefit of absent members.
  • Finish the assigned reading prior to the meeting.
  • During the meeting, raise your hand before you speak and pay attention to the queue.  If you are not sure whether you are speaking next, double check to make sure you do not cut a fellow member off.
  • Regarding cameras:  The Wordstapas meet via Google Meet which allows each participant to use a computer camera.  Having your camera on is not required, but is encouraged as it heightens the fellowship of the group.  If, however, on a certain night you consider yourself unfit for presentation, it is acceptable to keep your camera off.
  • Do not share fellow members’ email addresses or personal information with anyone.  However, you are welcome to share your own email address with members with the intention of keeping in touch outside the meetings.

If you have any concerns about these guidelines, or the behavior of a fellow member, contact Nicole here or by email.