“I feel I need a holiday, a very long holiday”

Dear readers,

The tides of my life are taking new and exciting turns.  Friends, I have made the decision to attend university this Fall 2023.  I will be studying at Tyndale University and pursuing a Bachelor of Arts.  My scholar’s heart is rejoicing.

During my studies, I intend to continue this journey through Story on Remembered Lore, as I have been doing these three years.  However, Remembered Lore will necessarily go through an adjustment in terms of content, posting schedule, etc.  The Wordstapas will also recommune in the fall, though I expect some adjustments will be needed in the way of timing.

For now, I am taking a break from writing on Remembered Lore during the summer months, beginning today.  I need a season of slowness before I dive into full-time study.  I need to sit in dappled sunlight and drink deeply of birdsong.  I plan to read old favourites and savour new poems, go for long walks and linger in my garden.  I will return some time in September. 

I leave you with Seamus Heaney’s translation of an Irish poem, which I shared with The Wordstapas in our last meeting.  May your summer be long and lovely.

translated by Seamus Heaney

Early Summer, loveliest season,
The world is being colored in.
While daylight lasts on the horizon,
Sudden, throaty blackbirds sing.

The dusty-coloured cuckoo cuckoos.
“Welcome, summer” is what he says.
Winter’s unimaginable.
The wood’s a wickerwork of boughs.

Summer means the river’s shallow,
Thirsty horses nose the pools.
Long heather spreads out on bog pillows.
White bog cotton droops in bloom.

Swallows swerve and flicker up.
Music starts behind the mountain.
There’s moss and a lush growth underfoot.
Spongy marshland glugs and stutters.

Bog banks shine like ravens’ wings.
The cuckoo keeps on calling welcome.
The speckled fish jumps; and the strong
Swift warrior is up and running.

A little, jumpy, chirpy fellow
Hits the highest note there is;
The lark sings out his clear tidings.
Summer, shimmer, perfect days.

2 thoughts on ““I feel I need a holiday, a very long holiday”

  1. Congratulations Nicole! I look forward to hearing about your adventures at uni, and reconvening in the fall over Wordstapas once more. Talk to you very soon, mellon nin!


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