Glastonbury, by Geoffrey Bache Smith (Selections)

The most recent Arthurian landmark I researched was Glastonbury Tor.  The 20th century poet Geoffrey Bache Smith wrote a poem called “Glastonbury” wherein he relates the coming of Bedivere, “weary and travel-stained and sick at heart,” to the hermit of Glastonbury.  The hermit reveals that he was Arthur’s bishop before his court fell apart, whereupon … Continue reading Glastonbury, by Geoffrey Bache Smith (Selections)

Arthurian Landmarks: Tintagel Castle

The winter session of The Wordstapas is open for registration. Our first meeting is January 31st. We will be reading The High Deeds of Finn MacCool, by Rosemary Sutcliff, as well as some ancient Irish poetry. An auditing option is available for those who cannot join the live meetings due to commitments or time zone differences. Register here, or contact … Continue reading Arthurian Landmarks: Tintagel Castle