A Wee Note of Explanation


I am sorry to leave such an announcement so late, but I am here to say that there will be no post for last week, nor regular postings in the weeks ahead. I had begun a very absorbing article on what I am learning about the historical King Arthur, but I was forced to surrender the book I was reading on the subject to my library to avoid paying a pocket-draining fine. On any normal occasion I would immediately put the book on hold again, but I am delighted to say that I am preparing for a two week vacation in London and Scotland and shall be leaving as soon as Monday next. What with planning, packing, and brushing up on my Scottish history, I find myself with much less writing time than I care to admit. Regularity should resume once I return, bubbling with the exuberance living history gives.

Expect me when you see me! Perhaps we shall kick off our study of Arthur with a glance off the walls of Stirling Castle.

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