Concerning Means vs. Ends

During January I was engaged in an elephant stampede through the works of C.S. Lewis:  Surprised by Joy, “The Inner Ring,” “The Weight of Glory,” The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, and, most recently, The Great Divorce.  Reading so much Lewis consecutively forces one to notice parallel themes throughout his writing, particularly the theme of redirecting … Continue reading Concerning Means vs. Ends

The Renaissance Spirit: What It Is and Why I Pursue It

I have mentioned the Renaissance Spirit in a few places on this blog and thus feel an explanation is fitting. The Renaissance Spirit is an attitude.  An attitude of wonder.  An appreciation for old ideals.  An unfailing desire to learn.  It is a general excitement for life and an enthusiasm for discovery.  In short, it … Continue reading The Renaissance Spirit: What It Is and Why I Pursue It


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